Our Story

Meet Lesley & Carl

We live on our boat with our little rescue Staffy Belle. Passionate about wild life and the environment we travel through canals and waterways of Cheshire with Belle on the tiller, taking it all in.

We adore candles on the boat, but were disappointed with the lack of fragrance after a couple of burns, and wasted wax around the jar due to uneven burning.

As we’re both creative, we decided to develop a range of candles and melts using only Eco, vegan and cruelty free, soy wax products, to make a range of candles, diffusers, and melts that gave a fragrance whether lit or not. We aimed to develop a candle which would remain fully fragranced until our candle had totally burned over its 35+ hours

We eventually achieved this after a lot of development and hard work understanding each product that was compatible with each other, and we believe now that we have the perfect recipes for all our products.

Little Boat Company has developed a range of Candles to suit everyone liking a fragranced candle that can scent your room lit or unlit.